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Advantage for employers

Many organisations are increasingly realising that diversity in the workforce makes good business sense. Research shows that workers with a disability benefit employers by improving their operations and strengthening business links with the communities. The benefits for employers include:

  • employees with disabilities often have better attendance and safety records.
  • employees with disabilities often have a higher staff retention rate, which saves recruitment and training costs.
  • the employment of workers with disabilities is often viewed positively by co-workers and can have a positive effect on workplace morale.
  • improved access to a growing and largely untapped resource of potential employees.
  • minimised opportunity for litigation. Since the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) penalties of up to $35 million have been issued to Australian Companies in disability discrimination cases.
  • employment and management practices ensure equality of opportunity and equal access for all.
  • gaining a better understanding of your customers. Customers come from every walk of life, so it makes sense that your staff does too. Your customers are likely to be people with a disability and they could increase your trade through accessing this significant segment of the market.

DWA will assist employers interested in employing people with disabilities by:

  • providing access to a large number of disability employment services, saving employers from the need to establish networks with individual disability employment services.
  • providing a 'central point of contact' which reduces the time and costs involved in recruiting a number of employees with disabilities through a variety of employment services. This enables employers with centralised recruitment processes to effectively link with disability employment services that operate on a localised basis.
  • assisting employers to gain a better understanding of the role of disability employment services, which adds value to the process of matching potential employees to jobs with a particular employer, improving both the quality and tenure of the resulting placements.
  • matching suitable potential employees to jobs with a particular employer.
  • providing employers with up-to-date information for the recruitment of people with a disability and any related issues via www.dwa.org.au

The DWA service particularly provides large employers with an efficient mechanism for recruiting large numbers of people with disabilities. Most large and/or multi-site employers recruit in bulk. Feedback from these employers indicates that they are unwilling to deal with a multitude of disability employment services in order to obtain sufficient job seekers with a disability to meet their bulk recruitment requirements.

Work is a very important part of Australian society. Working, and the income it provides, builds confidence and independence, and enables participation in the broader community.

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