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YES trainee commences in DIIRD

DWA Regularly recruits candidates for the Youth Employment Scheme (YES)

In March of this year, DWA received a vacancy from Inner East Group Training, for an Administration Traineeship in the CBD with the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD), in the Workforce Participation Branch. The traineeship was full time for one year and the successful applicant would gain a Certificate 3 in Administration.

DWA was contacted by Colleen Thompson from DIIRD and liaised with Karen Duffy from Inner East Group Training to refer potential candidates for an upcoming YES traineeship position. The employer was looking for a person who could perform a variety of administration tasks, involving answering phones, data entry and other related skills.

DWA job matched against the applicants on the “Disability Employment Register” and Luke Amott was identified as a perfect match for the role. Luke presented well in his pre-screen and his communication skills and enthusiasm were excellent. The pre-screen also identified that Luke required modifications to his computer, some document magnification programs and assistance with on-the-job training and study support from the Disability Employment Network (DEN) provider Disability Employment Advisory Committee (DEAC).

DWA endorsed Luke's abilities to do the role and forwarded his details to Inner East Group Training (IEGT) and DIIRD to be considered for interview. DWA also forwarded information on Luke's support and modifications requirements.

DIIRD interviewed Luke and he was successful in gaining the position as a YES Trainee within the Workforce Participation Programs area of DIIRD.

Luke is responsible for the day to day running of photocopiers in the section, maintaining, troubleshooting and arranging servicing as required. He regularly maintains stationery supplies and orders. He is responsible for the distribution of mail and deliveries and manages the internal telephone directory. He also assists with the set up and catering for meetings as required. As part of his Traineeship, Luke has had the opportunity to develop several spreadsheets to assist in the tracking of consumables.

Luke's manager Colleen Thompson said; “ As Luke becomes more familiar with the role his administrative skills will develop. Luke has fitted in with the staff around him and he has a sense of humour that fits well within the dynamics of our workplace.”

  “DWA provided great support with the recruitment of a trainee to our business support position. They presented a number of candidates that had bed been screened and recommended for the role. Each candidate presented well and was found to be well informed about the role they were being interviewed for. The follow up after the interviews was good with an opportunity to provide feedback on each of the candidates. Ongoing follow-up through the placement has also been very welcome as there is a genuine interest in the success of the trainee.” she said.

Luke has now been in the position for over six months. “I'm enjoying the fact that I'm finding the job to be a really interesting challenge and that I'm learning a lot about my skills and abilities. DEAC and DWA have helped me by providing support for work related activities such as press clips and also helping me with my Cert 3 in Business Administration. They also provide advice and support when I doubt myself.” Luke said.

“Before I started in this role I had very little understanding of how an office worked. I'm very grateful to Colleen for showing me this and how to fit into an office environment. I realise that I have much yet to learn.” he added.

Andrew Fraser, Luke's Case Manager from DEAC said “The biggest factor in Luke being successful was the open channel of communication that was developed with his line manager. Without this, situations could not be dealt with quickly and efficiently. After liaising with his line manager, we confirmed that: work site modifications were required; study support sessions were needed and on site training and up skilling would be required in the future.”

Andrew added that “The guys at DWA have been terrific. They initially endorsed Luke for the role, and then made sure that the channels of communication were open. DWA staff have given us feedback on our support mechanisms, and this has allowed us to hone our support to the requirements of the organisations and the client.”

Colleen, Luke's manager, requested some on site support to build Luke's confidence and skill set. DEAC in conjunction with DWA provided this for the first few weeks on a weekly basis, and continued to do so until it was no longer required.


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