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NAB builds on diversity support

Disability Works Australia (DWA), National Australia Bank (NAB) and Federal Minister for Workforce Participation Dr Sharman Stone signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Melbourne recently aimed at improving the employment prospects of people with a disability.

NAB first signed an agreement with DWA in April 2005 and, with support from DWA, has been working on creating a workplace culture which embraces people with a disability.

This work has seen people with a disability employed in various roles across Australia , including customer service roles and in technology.

NAB recently re-signed a MOU with DWA, agreeing to continue to make use of the services provided by DWA to increase the number of its employees with a disability.

DWA chief executive officer Tina Zeleznik said the re-signing of the agreement would continue to assist more people with a disability to enter the NAB workforce.

“More and more large employers like NAB are seeing that it makes good business sense to have a workforce that reflects the diversity in our society and their customer base.”

“We are thrilled when employers maintain a commitment to working towards increasing the number of employees in their workforce with a disability.”

“DWA can support the employer to ensure their recruitment processes are accessible for people with a disability, provide disability awareness training, coordinate workplace modifications, provide a pre-screening service and support by providing a single point of contact for recruiting people with a disability,” Ms Zeleznik said.

NAB Australia Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Fahour said the bank had been working hard to increase the level of diversity within its workforce.

“We are committed to creating a work environment where people can succeed based on merit, that individual talents are recognized and special needs are accommodated,” Mr. Fahour said.

Dr Stone said DWA was in a position to assist NAB in the area of disability recruitment and the retention of existing employees with disability.

“This MOU with NAB today, will lead to more jobs in the finance industry for people with disability,” Dr Stone said.

“Since 2005, NAB has employed close to 100 people with a disability, with the number employed increasing each year.”

“With skill shortages, an ageing population and strong economic growth, it is vital that employers such as the NAB consider how people with a disability can become part of their recruitment solution,” Dr Stone said.



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