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New GTO joins with DWA

Peter Boulton , National Operations Manager, Disability Works Australia; Daniel McDougall , Queensland Operations Manager, Disability Works Australia; Paul Willis, General Manager, Training and Development Solutions, NRA SkillService; and Angela Paul, Manager, NRA SkillService


On the 2 nd September, 2008 in Brisbane , Disability Works Australia (DWA) and a new group training organisation (GTO); NRA SkillService formed an alliance by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

NRA SkillService is a division of the National Retail Association (NRA) who provide professional service advice to companies in the service sector. DWA already has an MOU with NRA and have now added their new company division to their list of dedicated employers. With a wealth of industry knowledge, NRA has a large team of professionals who are available to assist with any queries regarding most aspects of providing quality and lawful services, particularly in the retail sector.

The new GTO aspect of NRA still has all of this industry information under its belt but also provides an involved service by taking the hardship out of recruiting apprentices and trainees for companies.

DWA will assist by pre-screening and assessing all applicants with disabilities who apply for Traineeship positions and advises NRA SkillService of the job match suitabilities and any supports/modifications which may be required for the applicant to fulfill the job requirements to the fullest.

NRA SkillService has a copious number of positions available through their organisation, specialising in retail, butchery and baking trades. DWA receives referrals from Disability Employment Network (DEN) and Vocation Rehabilitation Service (VRS) providers and forwards on appropriate candidates to NRA SkillService to filter through and place into the host companies.

NRA SkillService inducts and trains all new employees for their member companies and is responsible for all administration with the employee, pre and post employment.

“NRA SkillService is such an involved company who endures the brunt of the work in setting up and maintaining the employment of trainees and apprentices. Having DWA by our side to assist is helping NRA SkillService immensely.” - Paul Willis, General Manager, Training and Development Solutions, NRA SkillService


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