The Employment Placement Coordination for People with Disabilities in Rural and Remote Areas project is an initiative of DWA. Through Alliances with local service providers, the project aims to enlist support from Employers in rural areas of South Australia and create employment opportunities for people with disabilities at a local level.


Your business can

benefit from


in the project.


The Alliance

Disability Works Australia is working closely with a number of partners in your community to address local skills shortages by offering career pathways to people with a disability in your region. A total of 8 formal agreements are now in place across regional South Australia to support you with the employment of a person with a disability in your business.


The partners include:

•  Commonwealth Government and Government of South Australia ;

•  Area Consultative Committees and Regional Development Boards;

•  CRS Australia ; and

•  Disability Open Employment Services including:

•  Employment Access

•  Interwork Ltd.

•  Community Bridging Services Inc.

•  The Royal Society for the Blind SA Inc (RSB)

•  FWS Employment Services Inc; and

•  Career Systems


(Click here to link to copies of the regional agreements)



Text Box: 3 easy steps to create a position for a person with a disability in your   Business


The Three Steps.

How does it happen?

Step 1:

Contact your closest DWA office to discuss your business needs and requirements. The Project Officer will outline the benefits of employing a person with a disability. (click here to link to contact details).  

Step 2:

The DWA Project Officer and local Disability Open Employment Service staff will locate suitable people for you to interview. DWA will pre-screen all applicants and provide testing and other services if required; and

  Step 3:

The DWA Project Officer coordinates all the paperwork/supports required and creates an ongoing relationship with your business to ensure all the benefits are in place for your business and the employee with a disability.



What's in it for your business?

•  It's a free service offered in your local community;

•  DWA is has Offices in all States and can source applicants from outside your region if required;

•  Financial and other Government Incentives may apply;

•  Flexible training arrangements can be arranged on or off the job to suit your needs;

•  Minimum paperwork as DWA assists with the entire process; and

•  Employing people with a disability often results in: