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Workers hit the spot at Target

Imagine handling and processing 8-12 tone of cardboard every week.

The two staff that the DWA process has assisted in placing at the Adelaide Target Offsite Reserve don't have to imagine – they do it every week.

The reserve receives stock and distributes it to Adelaide 's 14 Target stores. Any stock the stores can't display is sent back to the reserve for storage.

Between four and five semi-trailers full of stock is unloaded and re-distributed at the reserve every day and all of the cardboard it is paced in is processed and recycled by Daniel Rugari and Grace Taylor.

Working at the reserve is Daniel's first job after he completed year 12 last year.

The 18-year-old drives his car to work at the reserve and was looking forward to a holiday in Melbourne to visit his cousins.

Daniel said his parents were really pleased he was working at the reserve and the people there were “nice to work with”.

Daniel works at the cardboard compactor from 8am until 12noon when the job is taken over by Grace Taylor.

Animal lover Grace has been working at the Reserve for several months and said she has been enjoying earning money to go shopping for clothes.

“My mum thinks it is good that I am out at work now because I was just sitting home before,” Grace said.

The 19-year-old has made new friends since starting work and, as she is forced to catch two buses and a train to get to work, has learnt new skills around travel and cash handling.

Both Grace and Daniel were referred for their roles by Disability Employment Network provider Personnel Employment.

Personnel Employment specializes in people with intellectual disabilities and supports both Grace and Daniel if they encounter any problems with their work.

Complex Manager Troy Miigge said the pair seemed to enjoy working on the cardboard compactor but as they progressed could move on to other areas.

“We have another person with a disability working here who started out on the compactor and is now working unpacking clothes and hanging them on racks,” Troy said.

He said the pair had fitted in well with the 45-strong team at the reserve.

“They seem to be talking more to the other staff here now and I know Grace went to the show with a workmate on the weekend so that is good,” Troy said.

He said he would not hesitate to employ other people with a disability through the DWA service.

“If another vacancy came up and we could accommodate another person we would definitely look at it,” Troy said.



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