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With a little support and self-belief, Adrian can achieve his goals

AdrianThe Store Manager of Bi-Lo contacted their HR Department and requested a person with a disability to work in his store. The manager had previously employed a person with a disability in another store he managed and was so impressed with their commitment to the job that it was one of his first priorities to create this employment opportunity at his new Bi-Lo store.

The vacancies were forwarded to DWA to find a suitable candidate and Adrian was the successful contender.

There are many ingredients needed to be able to get out there and work. Confidence and self-belief must surely be included. Before being offered a trial at Bi-Lo, Adrian spent the last two years sitting at home losing the little confidence he had. In fact, during that time he made the comment "Why would anyone employ me?" Certainly he had some good skills gained on several training courses and having a mild intellectual disability would be no barrier to working, but he didn't believe in himself and thought that no one would give him a go. On top of this he would continually hear from his best mate about how good his job was and of the things he could buy with the money he earned.

But in August, with MJP Employment Services' help, Adrian bit the bullet and committed to a work experience program in a hardware store. Although he had never worked in a retail environment before he found he really enjoyed it and the people he was working with were really nice, but most importantly he started feeling good about himself, particularly when he realised that his work experience employer valued him and his contribution.

Adrian didn't actually finish that work experience. He was on such a roll that when he heard of an opportunity at Bi-Lo he wanted to put his name forward. He attended an interview with DWA and then with the Store Manager and was offered a work trial. After a week (during which he received on-the-job- support from his MJP Employment Services Vocational Officer), Adrian was offered the position as Grocery Assistant and Trolley Collector. He'd finally got a job.

Adrian has started thinking about the future and setting goals for himself. The first one is, like his mate, to get his driver's licence. Sure he will need help learning for his test, but as he now realises, as with work, with a little support and self-belief he can achieve his goals, regardless of his disability.


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