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Simon excelled in his work at BI-LO Success

SimonThe Store Manager from Bi-Lo, identified a position for a Grocery Assistant in the dairy section. Simon was the successful candidate for this position.

Simon was referred to DWA from Personnel Employment, a Disability Employment Service that has established expertise in assisting employers and employees with a disability to meet their needs by providing on the job support.

DWA arranged a pre-screening interview and evaluation of Simon's skills. It became apparent that retail was a good career choice for Simon. He presented well and his commitment and motivation to work hard was proven in a one-week work experience placement.

Prior to commencing work, Simon had given up with school and was spending most of his time at home helping with house duties. Personnel Employment had been working with Simon to identify his strengths by providing several work experiences in different locations. His support worker commented that Simon excelled in his work at Bi-Lo and was confident that it was a good job match.

Simon & JonAfter Simon's successful work experience period, he commenced employment on a Supported Wage System. This system makes it legal for an employer to pay productivity-based wage if an assessment shows that this is necessary. While the assessment is being conducted the employer pays the employee a minimum payment of $56 per week.

The Supported Wage System enables a person with a disability to work at their own pace without added pressure to achieve 100% productivity and therefore concentrating on quality. Simon will increase his productivity with time and one day may be able to achieve full award wages.

Simon has developed a group of friends and enjoys being part of a team. He likes to work and is proud to have a job at Bi-Lo. Simon's confident with his work and hopes for more hours in the future so he can save for a car and become more independent.

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