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About DWA

What does DWA do?

Our objectives are:

  • to facilitate and enhance the employment of people with disabilities by providing employers and employment services with a single, free, effective contact point for recruiting people with a disability
  • to provide information on disability employment issues in general.

In performing this role DWA will:

  • be flexible in order to provide an effective service to employers for recruiting people with a disability. It is important to fit in as much as possible with employers' preferred recruiting processes.
  • develop dedicated services with large employers to maximise job opportunities and provide an individual tailored plan for each employer.
  • break down the barriers (which are not immediately known) to employing people with a disability in larger companies. DWA's strategy will be to initially use the organisation's normal recruitment process and isolate the elements and cultures that create barriers.
  • assist employers to change or modify processes to remove the barriers. This method typically could take a considerable amount of time as it involves working with the decision-makers and developing a sustainable process that will provide job opportunities in the long term.
  • increase employment opportunities. The provision of a quality service that advances the employment of people with a disability in good, long-term jobs requires adequate resourcing, primarily to provide good personnel and support the labour intensive model that gains consistently strong results.
  • increase employment opportunities by supporting joint ventures
  • increase awareness of the benefits of employing people with disabilities, which will result in additional services to employers and good employment placements.

Future repeat business and specialised initiatives are dependent on a sound process. The approach outlined here also has the benefit of providing DWA with knowledge about the core business of large companies, thus supporting strong on-going relationships.

DWA's service will be consistent throughout Australia.

  • Employers will receive the same high quality, consistent service in every DWA office in Australia.
  • The key elements of the DWA service will be the process of pre-screening and our staff personally meeting all people with a disability referred for a job.
  • Each state in Australia has a phone-in line for employers and disability employment services wanting information. This will enable DWA to become an information source for employers in relation to issues associated with employment of people with disabilities
  • The use of the BEC Australia Inc Network provides the office infrastructure that allows people with a disability to attend pre-screening interviews in their local area.

DWA has proven this to be a highly successful method of job matching which employers have endorsed and welcomed.

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