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Disability employment target lifted

 Australia Post has taken another step towards increasing its number of employees with a disability in an agreement with Disability Works Australia (DWA).

The national mail carrier currently employs almost 35,000 people and more than 3000 have a disability.

Under the new agreement, Australia Post will work with DWA on increasing this number and improve the employment prospects of people with a disability.

The assistance provided by DWA has been highlighted by the recent recruitment of two new staff at the company's Blacktown NSW Videocoding Centre.

Disability Employment Services (DES) provider Job Match put Ryan Mcdonald and Jayne Armstrong forward to DWA for the roles as videocoders.

DWA provided information and support and acted as a single, effective contact point for recruiting and the provision of information on disability employment issues.

The Blacktown Australia Post Videocoding Centre was wheelchair accessible and already fitted with adjustable desks which were altered to suit Ryan's wheelchair and Jayne's height. A small footrest was also installed under Jayne's desk to accommodate her short stature.

Ryan and Jayne have been working as videocoders at the centre, interpreting post codes which can't be read by the mail sorting machines.

New recruits at Australia Post are normally given about three months to achieve a goal of 1900 post codes per hour and qualify as videocoders. Jayne currently achieves about 1300 post codes per hour and Ryan achieves about 1150.

Centre supervisor Lorna Tilda-Reyes said the new workers passed the initial training stage and are working hard to improve their coding skills.

“They have both achieved an accuracy rate of more than 98 per cent and are progressing well,” Lorna said.

Jayne is well qualified for the role, having completed several computer training courses after finishing Year 12 and working in reception and as a freelance website administrator in the past.

Ryan, who lives close to the videocoding centre, has been enjoying the hours at Australia Post as they allow him time to continue with his passion of film writing.

The 26-year-old has a Masters in Communication from the University of Western Sydney and writes film reviews for several websites while working 20 hours a week for Australia Post.

“It is my first job ever so I think my mother is looking forward to me being able to pay my way,” Ryan said.


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