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High tech roles filled at BAE Systems

BAE Systems Australia has employed two people with disabilities at its facility in Edinburgh Park , Adelaide following a memorandum of understanding signed with Disability Works Australia (DWA).

DWA and Vocational Rehabilitation Service provider CRS Australia have supported John Hosking and Alex Azevedo in the transition into their new highly-skilled roles as configuration controllers.

Their appointment dispels some of the myths surrounding the capabilities of people with disabilities and demonstrates that people with a disability who have the qualifications and skills can gain employment in any position.

BAE Systems Australia designs, integrates and maintains military systems for the Australian Defence Force. It employs more than 2700 people in 50 locations around the country, working on projects such as military air support, electronic warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

BAE Systems marketing and communications manager Jim Parkes praised the DWA process of linking employers with appropriately qualified people with a disability.

“As an employer we welcome the opportunity to employ qualified and valued members of the community,” Jim said.

Alex and John, who have now been with BAE Systems for more than six months, process, map and control the building of complex defence projects.

John has a physical disability and mental health issues and, prior to winning the job, the former police officer and naval aircraft technician was full-time unemployed for 12 years.

“BAE Systems' safety and first aid representatives approached me when I first started work to find out what support would be required for me to perform my duties,” John said.

John, who has a diploma in IT systems analysis and design, said BAE Systems was a very supportive employer.

Alex, who has a diploma in IT network engineering, has used a wheelchair for 20 years. He said that prior to his appointment, the DWA team worked with the BAE Systems human resources department and assisted them with the interview process.

The BAE Systems building where he works already had wheelchair access and the workspace was adjustable, so no modifications were required to accommodate his needs.



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