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Bendigo Bank providing support for people with a disability

Bendigo Bank has call centre outlets in Victoria and Queensland and was established in 1858. With almost 900 outlets Australia-wide including 220 community owned Community Bank branches of Bendigo Bank, 100 agencies, over 160 company owned branches, and 400 Elders Rural Bank outlets it's no surprise Bendigo Bank has the need for a large and diverse staff base.

Disability Works Australia (DWA) have a signed Memorandum of Understanding with Bendigo Bank to increase the levels of staff with a disability.

DWA has placed several fantastic people into employment since signing the MOU and Susan McAlister is no exception.

Bendigo Bank in Ipswich, Queensland identified opportunities in their Contact Centre. They contacted their diversity partner (DWA) who broadcast the vacancy to local Disability Employment Network (DEN) and Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VRS) providers.

The broadcast was met with a good response of referrals and candidates were selected and sent onto Bendigo Bank for interview.

Susan McAlister was referred to DWA by her employment consultant at her Disability Employment Network (DEN) provider because she was previously employed within banks and had all the relevant experience for the Contact Centre position. Susan was having difficulties gaining employment and needed an employer willing to support and recognise her visual impairment. With DWA and Work Venture on her side, Susan felt comfortable with the support she had available to her.

The position was offered to Susan who happily accepted. Work Venture worked with DWA to ensure Susan was given access to the workplace modifications she required to fulfil the inherent requirements of the job. In December 2008 Susan commenced employment with Bendigo Bank.

Work Venture was impressed with the support provided and said that, “Bendigo Bank were very open to providing an employment opportunity for Susan and have been very supportive.”

Susan is pleased to be working with an organisation that is accommodating and supportive of her disability and she is well valued as a team member.

We asked Susan what she thought of her employment with Bendigo Bank, Ipswich to which she replied, “Bendigo Bank were very helpful in assisting me into employment and providing and adapting the workplace to suit my needs.”

It is fantastic to see that Susan has now found employment where she can excel and further her banking skills. Work Venture has happily assisted in the employment of a great candidate and they are there for any further support Susan may need.

Bendigo Bank can be comfortable knowing that DWA is there to support them and any questions they may have about any disability related issues. They now have a brilliant new staff member who is eager to work to the best of her ability.

“Susan is open to taking on any task we give her and has become a valuable part of our team.” - Helen Suthers, Team Manager Bendigo Bank.


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