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Coles Group still giving great opportunities to people with disabilities


The Coles Group continue to work well alongside DWA nationally. In the five years since the relationship was established, over 2,000 people with a disability have secured jobs in the now well known Face Up Teams across Coles Group stores. Face Up Teams are a role carved by DWA from the duties associated with bringing stock to the front of the shelf for a tidier appearance. These duties were taken off the Day/Nightfill Service Assistants so they could fill the shelves quicker.

Glenorchy (Northgate) Tasmania store is the latest store to come on board. The shelves are always tidy thanks to the three people employed with the assistance of DWA.

Matthew Mizzi has an Acquired Brain Injury and has been working in Face Up for about five months. His employment consultant (Damien Lawler) at Access Employment has noticed a significant difference in him. He has seen Matthew's confidence grow, he has gained an ability to work in a team (after working independently), he is more calm and relaxed, and most importantly, his health has improved. Matthew says, “The best thing about working here is that all the staff are supportive and if you have trouble you know they're here to help you.”

Martin (Marty) Leeson is another member of the Face Up Team at the store. Damien (Marty's employment consultant) said, “Matt has a learning disability. The Face Up role is great for someone like Marty because it gives him the chance to be shown what to do and learn. He is full of energy and has grown in leaps and bounds.” In the future, Marty aspires to one day be a store manager in Coles and looks forward to saving up enough money to own a house. He has said, “What I like about working at Coles is the people (customers) you get to meet and the friendships you build.”

Working alongside Marty and Matthew is Andy Rodman. Andy also has Acquired Brain Injury and was initially wary about employment but since he has the support he needs from DWA, Access Employment and Coles, he is enjoying having a purpose and working just the same as everyone else. Damien commented that, “Andy's ability to focus on a task has improved dramatically.”

Wayne Maguire is currently (Care-Taking) Manager of the store and comments on his three new employees, “Matthew is well loved in the company, he just comes in and does his work as per required. Martin is very good with team spirit and he's always on a high which is noticeable. He performs very well and is a bit of a leader for other team members. Andy loves to come up and interact with people. I think he looks up to Marty and he is learning all the time.”

Wayne is very happy with Access Employment and the support they provide for all three employees. “The support and service is fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Overall the Face Up Team in the store has seen significant benefits and Wayne comments on the feedback from customers, “The customers are very positive and we get a lot of feedback that the presentation of the store is a lot better than other stores they go to. I would highly recommend to other stores to take up the option of a Face Up Team if the opportunity was presented.”

The Face Up Team's are generally filled with people who have a work capacity of between eight and twelve hours per week so it works out perfectly as this role only requires a couple of four to five hour shifts. “The biggest opportunity we've found is that all store managers talk to each other and the successes we are seeing in this store flow to other stores,” said Damien.

“Working with DWA has been really good and I would highly recommend DWA to other companies.” – Wayne Maguire of Coles.


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