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Lyn Beaumont-Clark is an executive assistant and works in the business unit called South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) - Livestock Systems. Lyn is located within the Adelaide University's Roseworthy campus north of Adelaide.

SARDI falls under the Department of Primary Industries and Resources in South Australia (PIRSA).

A maternity leave vacancy provided Lyn with the opportunity to recruit a new employee and at the same time change the job criteria and specifications for the ASO1 administration role.

Lyn was processing the vacancy through PIRSA's Human Resource Department located at the Waite Institute and was about to adverstise the position. Given the fact that the job was located at the Roseworthy Campus, about ten kilometres from Gawler, the position did have some logistic issues.

SARDI's Human Resource department listed the vacancy on the Early Notice of Vacancies (ENOV) in which it was viewed by a project officer working for Disability Works Australia (DWA).

DWA reviewed the current disability employment register database which holds hundreds of potential applicants for positions. To be eligible to sit on this register, people with a disability are required to attend a DWA State Government workshop and fulfill the requirements of this workshop thus enabling them to be accepted onto the disability employment register. DWA also prescreens and interviews applicants before they are placed onto the register.

One such applicant was David Robinson, a client of disability provider CRS Australia. David could be categorized as long-term unemployed having been unemployed for the previous eight years after spinal surgery. David had been a qualified butcher for seventeen years prior to the surgery but could not sustain this line of work after his surgery.

David attended a State Government Workshop facilitated be DWA for people with a disability wishing to have a future within a State Government Department. David completed the required tasks set out in the workshop and registered interest in an administration role north of the city as he lived in the small township of Tarlee, north of Gawler.

DWA matched David's application to the ASO1 administration role for SARDI Livestock Systems. In doing so DWA contacted David and asked if he would like to apply and on acceptance DWA emailed Lyn Beaumont-Clark at SARDI Livestock Systems and forwarded David's resume for the role.

Lyn needed clarification at first on the arrival of an email from DWA indicating David was listed on the State Government Employment Register and wished to apply for the position. Lyn did not know who DWA was or how they fitted in to the recruitment process for State Government Departments. On contacting a PIRSA Human Resource consultant, Lyn was advised and reassured of the process involving DWA, and agreed to proceed with the recruitment process of David.

DWA coordinated the interview between David Robinson and the interview panel. David required no modifications or supports for the interview process and the only on-the-job support he required was the use of a suitable chair to support his spine.

David was interviewed for the position but was nervous given the longetivety of his unemployment. The interview panel wished to clarify his typing speed and once his was certified David was offered the position in the State Government on a twelve month contact as an ASO1.

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