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Savings & Loans signs on the dotted line

Federal Minister for Workforce participation, Hon Dr Sharman Stone was in Adelaide recently to co-sign an agreement between Disability Works Australia (DWA) and Savings & Loans Credit Union.

Savings & Loans Credit Union signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DWA, and agreed to make use of the services provided by DWA to increase the number of its employees with a disability.

Speaking at the signing, Savings & Loans Credit Union chief executive officer Greg Connor said his company had already been working hard to increase the level of diversity within its workforce.

"We've already put programs into place to encourage mature age workers, and people from ethnically diverse backgrounds. Now we're looking to encourage people with disabilities to come on board and see what we have to offer," Mr Connor said.

He said Savings & Loans Credit Union was introducing disability awareness training to staff, which aimed to show what people with disabilities could do rather than focussing on the obstacles they faced.

"More than just encouraging people with disabilities to apply for roles with Savings & Loans, we're committed to supporting them throughout their careers."

"This is an ongoing program and we're committed to working with our staff and Disability Works Australia to make sure it's a success," Mr Connor said.

DWA board Chairperson, Andrew Rogers, said the agreement would help pave the way for more people with a disability to enter the Savings & Loans Credit Union workforce.

"More and more large employers like Savings & Loans Credit Union are seeing that it makes good business sense to have a workforce that reflects the diverstiy in our society and their customer base."

"We are thrilled when employers get on board and commit to working towards increasing the number of employees in their workforce with a disability."

"DWA can support the employer to ensure their recruitment processes are accessible for people with a disability, provide disability awareness training, coordinate workplace modifications, provide a pre-screening service and support by providing a single point of contact for recruiting people with a disability," Mr Rogers said.

At the signing Sharman Stone told those attending how her own family had been touched by disability. Her father was badlly injured while fighting in World War II but continued to farm the family property regardless.

"Services like those provided by Disability Works Australia are essential to give people with disabilities every opportunity to continue working," Dr Stone said.

She congratulated Savings & Loans Credit Union for recognising that people with a disability can make a valuable contribution to a business by focusing on their abilities.

Savings & Loans Credit Union provides ample employment opportunity for people with a disability with more than 560 staff in 25 branches in South Australia, the Northern Territory, New South Wales and regional Victoria.

Savings & Loans Credit Union has joined many other large private sector employers who have agreed to support the employment of people with a disability by signing agreements with DWA.

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