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Earlier this year, DWA was contacted by Cocoon Consulting, the firm appointed by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to assist with their redeployment program.

The TAC had an employee with a disability who was looking for another position within the Victorian Government. Unfortunately, Michael Janes, a long term employee, was not able to travel to Geelong to take up offers connected with the TAC move.

Michael had been working in TAC for 3 ½ years as a General Enquiry Officer. DWA pre-screened Michael at his workplace. His presentation was excellent, he came across professionally and his bright personality was evident. Michael has permanent vision impairment. He uses Zoom Text, which is a program to assist him to read information on a computer.

Coincidentally a position arose in Department of Human Services (DHS) during the registration process. DWA staff identified that the role was a good match for Michael's skills and it was close to his home. It was a Customer Service position involving phone work, similar to the duties he performed at TAC.

DWA staff endorsed Michael's application for the position with DHS and also referred him to DEAC employment services. They agreed to provide any post placement support and workplace modifications should he be successful with his application.

Michael was interview by DHS and offered the position. DWA and DEAC staff then worked together to ensure all the necessary equipment and support was in place and ready for Michael to start on the agreed date.

Megan Buntine, Michael's Manager at DHS, was impressed with the process. “DWA was helpful throughout, providing us with information on any support and modifications Michael required to function effectively in his new position.” she said.

“We knew what Michael needed in the workplace and most importantly those supports were provided quickly by DWA and DEAC. Michael is doing a great job with us and he has become a valuable and well liked team member.” she added.

Michael also commented favorably on the smooth transition to his new role.

“This new position has been a good match where I am appreciated for my skills and the experience gained from my previous job. The team here get to see all my skills and I really enjoy my work.” he said.

He was also pleased that DEAC and DWA were able to work together with the staff at the Department of Human Services (DHS) to assist his move. “Any modifications or supports were investigated and provided without fuss and I was able to start in my new job on time.” Michael said.

DWA, with support from the staff at DEAC, successfully assessed Michael for workplace modification requirements. This included an enlarged LCD monitor and ZoomText software installed at no cost to the employer.

Megan Buntine and the staff at DHS have shown themselves to be a supportive employer, willing to work through the process to ensure Michael has all the tools required to succeed in the position.


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