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Kirsty-Ann - Diverse Opportunities

Kirsty-AnnIn March, Disability WORKS Australia (DWA) assisted the Education Department in employing Kirsty-Ann in a temporary Administration Officer position. Kirsty-Ann, 25 years old, has a physical disability and was finding it difficult to gain employment.

Kirsty-Ann had been working with CRS Australia to assist her gain employment. She was initially involved in Vocational Planning, identifying Call Centre or clerical work as suitable work for her. CRS then assisted her in completing Certificate 2 Call Centre Operations as well as Job Search Skills development, resume preparation, interview skills and canvassing employers. CRS also assisted with the purchase of clothing suitable to wear to interviews.

Kirsty-Ann was appointed to the temporary administration position where her responsibilities were answering phones, and various administrative duties. During the time Kirsty-Ann was employed at the education department her supervisor, Shelley said, "She was always very enthusiastic, and it was obvious that she really wanted to work. In the time Kirsty-Ann was with us she gained confidence and learnt lots of new skills, and if the opportunity arose we would definitely employ another person with a disability."

Since that time, Kirsty-Ann was fortunate enough to gain another temporary contract within the State Government, this time with Births, Deaths and Marriages, where she performs a variety of tasks, including answering phone enquiries, data entry and face to face customer service. Sandra, her supervisor, has said that "Kirsty-Ann has settled in well and is always eager to learn. She works well in the team and is always trying to improve her skills.

Whilst finding the transition to working in the government challenging, Kirsty-Ann is thoroughly enjoying the diverse opportunities she has been given. Employers like the Department of Education, and Births, Deaths and Marriages have given people like Kirsty-Ann an opportunity to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective employee within the State Government.

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