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More Independence for Kym

KymStuart, owner of Lonsdale Powder Coaters, has been an avid reader of the DWA Success Stories. He was so impressed by the achievements of people with a disability that he promised himself that the next time a job became available in his business he would give DWA a call.

Lonsdale Powder Coaters is a business that powder coats all types of items and has secured a contract with a large car manufacturer.

Disability WORKS Australia (DWA) and Personnel Employment identified Kym who was doing his final year at school, but had become bored and a little restless with what he was doing. He felt a move into the workforce was something he would like to do. Not having much idea as to what type of work he wanted Kym was happy to look at the factory hand position at Lonsdale Powder Coaters. The job consisted of racking, assembling and packing small components each day.

At 16 years of age Kym was unsure what to expect in the workforce. He knew that he wanted out of school as well as financial independence, and was prepared to try anything to meet his goals. He undertook one week work experience to have a good look at the powder coating industry as well as offering the employer the opportunity assess his suitability to the industry and the job requirements.

Personnel Employment's Job Support Officer supported Kym through job training designed to meet the employer's quality and productivity requirements. Personnel Employment is a Disability Employment Service with established expertise in assisting employers meet their needs through the placement of people with intellectual disabilities.

Kym & StuartWith their support, Kym did not have too many problems with the transition from school to work, although he did comment "the early starts at first weren't the best". Kym likes the financial independence that this job provides him as well as the opportunity to meet new friends and gain valuable work skills.

Stuart is very happy with the work that Kym does and has had no problems with any of his work since he first started working at Lonsdale Powder Coaters. Although Kym was employed to do one specific job, Stuart is more than happy to move him around the factory and teach him a number of varied tasks. This is thanks to Kym's enthusiasm to learn more and Stuart's willingness to multi-skill his staff.

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