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Samuel at Rellney Landscaping

SamuelSamuel's mother contacted Multiple Solutions Employment Specialists while Samuel was still at school studying Year 9. He wasn't enjoying school and was keen to "get a job". Multiple Solutions is a Disability Employment Service for people with neurological/physical disabilities, helping jobseekers find suitable work and workers to maintain their employment. An assessment with their Occupational Therapist highlighted Sam's work capabilities and assisted in planning for employment.

Samuel continued with his schooling into Year 10, not really succeeding but doing very well in technical studies. To build on this area of strength Samuel was referred to the WAVES Lighthouse Project to complete a ten-week Certificate I in Engineering at Regency TAFE.

Samuel's work placement was as Metal Concepts (part of Orana Industries). It involved welding and metal work skills; this led to an offer of employment, allowing Samuel to achieve his wish to leave school. But he still wasn't settled; so Multiple Solutions continued to look for alternate opportunities such as traineeships and apprenticeships.

In April Samuel completed a one-week work trial with Rellney Landscaping; he loved the work and got on well with the staff. Rellney is an Australian company providing quality design and construction, consulting, irrigation, landscaping re-vegetation, agricultural development and natural resource management. Rellney staff was very pleased with Samuel and happy to offer him employment in landscaping - planting, digging holes, shoveling, edge trimming and installing irrigation systems. They will provide training in Samuel's areas of interest and an opportunity for him to "grow" with the company.

Samuel started work at Rellney in May and is really enjoying his job. Samuel said, "Rellney is a good company to work for and I work with good people. I am learning different aspects of the landscaping and horticultural industry and when I know which area I prefer to concentrate on, Rellney will encourage me along those lines e.g. special training in my chosen field."

Samuel was employed through the Supported Wage System, which allows the employer to pay a productivity-based wage to accommodate the needs of Samuel's physical disability. Wage subsidies were provided by Multiple Solutions, which entitles suitable employers an employment subsidy of up to $2,000.

Consider a person with a disability for your next traineeship or apprenticeship position.

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